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Interim CFO Case Study – UK, USA, Russia

Jatish conducted a business review for a division of a well known FTSE 250 Company, which manufactured high tech and high value equipment for financial institutions. The division had multi-site, international, manufacturing, sales and service operations.

The initial 30-day business review highlighted numerous issues concerning the people, processes and technology within the division, and especially at its international operations. This review resulted in Jatish being appointed the Division’s interim CFO focusing on the international manufacturing and service operations, with a remit to transform these businesses.

Crisis Management – Moscow

We were contacted by a Direct to Consumer company in the health and nutritional supplements category to assist with a non performing General Manager at its Russian subsidiary. Within days, we had established contact with the general manager, who had stopped responding to emails, and had brought in a new interim general manager along with an interim CFO, CEO and Finance Director. Within weeks, we had hired a new Chief Accountant, new customer services representatives, established relationships with key customers and top sales leaders, filed overdue tax reports and VAT returns, regained control of the company’s bank accounts and stabilized operations.

Executive Talent and Leadership Development Practice – USA, UK, Russia

Throughout her thirty-year career, Julie has been noted for her ability to identify, develop and retain Executive Leadership talent. Former employees and hires include; –

Ø European Region President for a leading direct to consumer cosmetics and skin care company;

Ø President of Emerging Brands for a leading digital marketing company;

Ø President, Founder and CEO of a successful leadership development company for women;

Ø Head of Organizational Development and Human Resources at Gazprom Neft;

Ø General Director of Google Russia;

Ø President of Global Sales for a direct to consumer company and ;

Ø CEOs of numerous startups.

Leadership and Entrepreneurship are her two most highly ranked skills on LinkedIn.

- a client in corporate communications says -
If I could create my own ideal CEO from the drawing board, she would look, think, act, and manage exactly like Julie Rasmussen.

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