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How Wharton Launched Warby Parker–and Dozens of Other Companies Just Like It

Direct Selling Companies have been in the Direct to Consumer Space (DTC) in some cases for more than 100 years (Avon for example). Hundreds of new DTC companies are now entering the market. Just as in the existing DTC to industry, the siren song of retail eventually calls and they dilute their channel focus, fundamentally […]

So Long, California. Sayonara, New York

Conclusion for those in high tax states: Get out while the getting is good. Mass migration is coming to low tax states near you. And why should low tax states continue to subsidize those in high tax states via Federal Income tax deductions? Arthur Laffer of the famous Laffer curve demonstrates why there’s still no […]

‘Amazon Effect’ Stings Consumer-Staples Stocks as Pricing Woes Mount

Digitize or Die: Follow on to yesterday’s post about the decline of iconic brands in a digitized world:  If you have invested billions in building a brand and are now cutting prices to compete with low cost direct to consumer providers like Amazon, you are no longer a brand but a commodity. Bezos’ stated strategy […]

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